Washington Square    
Washington Square, with its monumental arch, its 200-year old "Hanging Elm" and a magnificent row of Greek Revival houses is the heart of Greenwich Village. Described in the stories of Henry James and the etchings of John Sloan and home to a stellar collection of American writers and artists like John Dos Passos and Edward Hopper, this neighborhood is
filled with history and wonderful stories. We'll visit the church where U.S. President John Tyler secretly married "The Rose of Long Island" and the house where Mark Twain lived (and may still haunt). We'll remember
the terrible Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire and we'll call on Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney at her sculpture studio on Washington Mews, a hidden alley of old carriage houses, and then see her original location o rthe
Whitney Museum. From 18th Century burial ground for yellow fever victims to the vital center of 21st Century Village life, Washington Square is not to be missed.

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