"Venerable Central Park is no puny playground, but Paul Rush has managed to explore much of its sprawling 843 acres. He runs his tour rain or shine. If you're the only amphibious trouper, you end up with a personal tour - a big bang for $25. The walk starts at Gen. Sherman's statue and travels around the Pond and through the Ramble to Belvedere Castle. Along the way, Rush draws from his encylopedic knowledge of Central Park history, architecture and horticulture. He knows when the columbines in the Shakespeare Garden bloom and exactly which trees were planted by park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the late 1800s."
"If you ever get lost in the woodsy Ramble, Rush will tell you, look at the first two numbers on the metal plate of a nearby lamppost. They correspond with the closest cross street. As you walk past the zoo, ask Paul to dish about Gus, the neurotic polar bear, who, before therapy, obsessively swam figure-eights."
-Carrie Simmons NY Daily News June 22, 2003

some participant comments on past walking tours....
"We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of NYC and found it gave us the confidence to tour around the city on foot and subway. It also gave us a great insight into the city and its people and led to a memorable stay."
"Just a note to thank you for the terrific city tour. We had a marvelous weekend and were able to get around quite well using the subway-only took the wrong train once. Upon your suggestion we ate at the vendor stands for dinner and liked it so much that we ate there every night. We rode bikes in Central Park, shopped at Century 21 and had Tiramisu in Little Italy. Also we rode the Staten Island Ferry and had drinks at the Rainbow Room - thanks for all of your suggestions!"

"Thanks so much for sharing your time, energy and talents with us this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and have gleaned a wealth of knowledge from you. We will take a part of you with us to Alabama! -Madison County History Teachers "

" Thanks so much for sharing your time, energy and talents with us this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and have gleaned a wealth of knowledge from you. We will take a part of you with us to Alabama! - Madison County History Teachers"

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful walking tour I'd yesterday at Washington Heights and Hispanic Heritage. A lovely afternoon worth spent with your in-depth knowledge."

"Thank you Paul so much for doing such an outstanding job of showing us some of your beautiful city. I received your CD today with the pictures. They are WONDERFUL! Even though we had such a short time in NYC, we got to see alot and learn alot from you! We will definately come back and stay longer. You were so helpful and we appreciated it very much."

"Thank you so much for all the pictures. What a treat! We all had a great time with you and we will recommend you highly to our friends and family. As you know we took two other tours with other guides while we were in Manhattan and although they were quite good we unanimously voted you the best guide and our favorite tour.We look forward to seeing you next time we are in New York."

"Mr. Rush was well prepared, profoundly informed, polite, accommodating and interesting throughout."

"Tour guide was knowledgeable, easy about questions, combined info with interesting anecdotes. Thoroughly informative and pleasant."

"(I liked the) impressive research and knowledge of Paul Rush."

"Tour guide extremely well versed and knowledgeable. More NYC walking tours!"

"A wonderful experience-Paul was excellent!!"

"Mr. Rush is very informative and very pleasant."

"Mr. Rush is an EXCELLENT walking tour leader/teacher! He is so passionate about NYC history that he imparts his enthusiasm to others."

"Paul covered a lot, yet stuck to the schedule. Paul was very knowledgeable and pleasant."

"Diverse learning experience: presenter commingled history, humor, popular culture and drama providing an informative and entertaining presentation. We learned about a piece of time and a cast of colorful
characters through his remarks."

"On the walking tour I liked the knowledge of the leader, letters read from period under discussion, photos of same and quiet enthusiasm of teacher and entree to selected sites. Unusual for me - no improvement needed. He is exceptional."

"I've now gone on all of Paul's tours - and loved them all!"

" Paul selflessly shares his love of NYC - very knowledgeable re: architecture, botany, historical vignettes."

"I wish Paul would do more tours!"

"This is the third of his walking tours I've been on and have loved them all. I can't wait to see what
neighborhood he tours next!"

"Enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor. He's really helped me to see New York in a new light. This was my second walk with Paul and three hours doesn't seem to be enough time. Any chance of increasing to four hours?"

"The tour was so informative and the guide was so passionate about the subject matter. It was such an enjoyable experience for all five of us."

"The tour was terrific. I loved it - couldn't have been better."

"Wow! First rate - top notch! You are a fabulous raconteur. I loved how you mentioned something and made us wonder and then the story would become fully illustrated before we could even ask! I could have stood on my feet for another three hours without knowing it. I will recommend the walk to everyone I know. Please let me know when you do another one!"

"The teacher was extremely knowledgeable about New York and very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. I had a wonderful day and can't wait to do another walk with him."

"Brought history alive."

"How knowledgable Mr Rush was and how his passion for the history and architecture of New York was conveyed in his presentation of the material."

"Paul Rush was a most interesting and well-informed guide. He had obviously planned the tour carefully to fit a maximum of material into the available time."

"A view of the city I never had before."

"This walking tour was well balanced between architecture, historical footnotes and gallery visits. Liked the teacher - very animated and knowledgable."

"It was wonderful!"

"Mr. Rush is extremely knowledgable, interesting and very nice! He is like a walking encyclopedia in the best sense of the term! All of his walking tours are tops! Whatever neighborhood Mr. Rush researches he can make it interesting to others. I'm eager to expand my horizons."

"This tour taught me things about Central Park that I never knew was there! More tours like this one, more teachers like Paul Rush!"

"Overall, the balance of walking and receiving information was excellent. Paul is informative, yet relaxed and approachable. A very pleasant afternoon."

" Started and ended on time, interesting material and excellent tour guide."

"The guide was so well informed and spoke so clearly and slowly so he could be heard and understood."

"Knowledgeable leader and good presentation."

"Started on time, informative tour, pleasant teacher-also, when he did not know something he just said so."

"Knowledgable, friendly - keep up the great work!"

"Great tour - Paul was very knowledgeable."

"What a wonderful guide. Extremely knowledgeable, interesting and pleasant. More walking tours - they are wonderful. Keep up the marvelous work!"

"I liked the appreciation and love of New York shown by the instructor, Paul. Thank you very much."

"This is my fourth walking tour with Paul and I've loved them all. I'll join in wherever he's exploring"