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Paul Rush
Licensed NYC Tour Guide

The story of New York has inspired roomsful of books along with movies, plays, music, paintings and, most recently, a highly acclaimed ten hour documentary series on PBS. Both New Yorkers and the general public continue to be fascinated with the city and its history.

Walking the city streets and hearing the stories told in the actual places where they occurred is the most compelling way to experience New York. As the layers of 400 years of history unfold and the lives

and events that shaped the city are recounted, participants in my walking tours gain a new appreciation of this unique place, this extraordinary "experiment in living together", as Jane Jacobs put it.
New York's story is my passion. I've explored the city on foot, from a bicycle, by subway and bus and through the written record over the past twenty years. All of my exploration and reading has simply fueled my quest to learn more about this unique and often overwhelming place. The best part is the opportunity to tell these stories to others. That's why I do walking tours of New York City.Over the past several years I've guided walking tours for the New York Open Center, a holistic learning center in SoHo, cruises around New York harbor and up the Hudson River to West Point for New York Waterway and tours for corporate clients such as Prudential and Reuters. In my spare time I'm also a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and writer. And, for the past seven years, I've been studying figure drawing and anatomy.


Visitors to NYC, touring the city and unaware of high-quality walking tours, often know only about bus tours, which can be impersonal and almost generic in quality. New York is the quintessential walker's city - its mostly flat and much of the streetscape is best seen from the pedestrian's point of view. My walking tours are highly personalized, paced to the participants, entertain and inform and, I hope, surprise and delight.

For New Yorkers my walking tours can expand horizons, pique curiosity to explore further and generally enrich the experience of living in New York. New residents or even those living in the city for years often know little of New York beyond their own neighborhoods and, when on a walking tour, find themselves surprised and delighted to discover the history and significance of a spot they may have walked past many times. Often the experience changes the way they look at the city.



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