Come along for a two-hour walking tour of old New York and handle remnants of the American Revolution, walk through the site of PT Barnum's first great success with The Swedish Nightingale, peer into the New Amsterdam beer hall that became the first city hall and seek the park bench where Rudolph Valentino spent the night. We'll walk up the Broad Way (with a few detours), from The Bowling Green to City Hall and visit America's first saint, several ghosts, The Dimestore King and his Cathedral of Commerce and at least one robber baron along with George Washington, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Greta Garbo and Boss Tweed as we travel through time in a place that has more resonance for America's history than any other site in the country. We'll see the last surviving house from Eustace Tilley's time, the scars of an anarchist's bomb on JP Morgan's doorstep, the world's oldest artist's model atop the Municipal Building and the porch of the country church where the first president greeted well wishers on the first inauguration day. Join me for both tall and true tales as we examine the rich layers of the history and architecture of old New York.
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