"The avenue I'm takin' you to..", 42nd Street, is more than the newly Disneyfied version of the earlier and funkier thoroughfare that Damon Runyon's characters called "The Deuce". Stretching from the United Nations
to the Hudson river piers, it is a visual and architectural feast, compressing some of the finest buildings anywhere into a few blocks. In the course of
three hours we'll see a luxuriant jungle-like garden inside a twelve-story atrium, William van Alen's soaring Chrysler Building, the constellation-covered vault of the newly re-done Grand Central Terminal, a branch of the Whitney Museum unknown to many New Yorkers, Carrère & Hastings
monumental 1911 New York Public Library with its carved marble interior, Raymond Hood's Art Deco lobby of the old Daily News building and glorious Bryant Park, its gardens in full flower. We'll end up in Times Square to revel in the grand excess of the most spectacular advertising signs ever created.

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